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Wheel of Time Profile: Thom by Fenric25 Wheel of Time Profile: Thom by Fenric25
The eighth in our series of Wheel of Time character profiles-Thomdril "Thom"Merrilin, gleeman extraordinaire, former bard of House Trakand and Royal Court-Bard of Caemlyn in Andor (as well as the queen's lover.) A dashing performer with a bit of an ego, great skills with storytelling, juggling, knife-throwing, acrobatics (until the Myrdraal attacks him in Book One) and flame-eating (if I recall correctly...) Is merely coming to perform in the Two Rivers when he gets swept up in the events of the series along with the past seven, presumed dead for a while, only to become helpful in Mat's various quests and in the political schemings surrounding Rand...Potential love interest for Moiraine, whom it looks like he'll be saving from the Tower of Ghenjei sometime in the next three books-which is great, IMO, as Thom gets little to do post-book five, being a bit of a glorified extra until later events lead to Mat and his men fleeing the city of Ebou Dar (and poor Thom is assumed to be a brilliant general by the enemy)...

As for this drawing, lots of little difficulties occurred. The patchwork cloak is the biggest one-took forever to do all of that! I'm certain some of the colors are quite innaccurate, but I thought it would look cooler to have some brighter shades (little bit of silly flair, whatever...) The white hair was difficult to do with a white background, so I eventually substituted with blue. Toyed with the idea of drawing a scene, but I couldn't think of one and the cloak was already wearing my patience thin...Weirdly, his little grin there came quite easily, despite my inability to really draw a smile. Oh well, just pleased that it all came out better than a stick figure, that's for sure...

Next picture will be the first of Rand's three girls-Min Farshaw from the town of Baerlon. As she changes quite a bit in the books, I'll have to decide which one to draw. Likely later books as she gets a more interesting wardrobe to work with...
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September 30, 2009
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